BIO-QED stakeholder workshop – Workshop starts at 14:00, location: Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany May 10th, 2017

14:00 General presentation of the project Maria Dani (Novamont)
14:10 IA and BDO markets Raj Chinthapalli (nova-Institute)
14:40 BDO: an innovative production route from laboratory to industrial scale Alessandro Gallazzi (Mater Biotech)
15:10 Coffee break together with the Bio-Based Materials Conference Audience (approx. 200 expected)  
15:30 BDO and its final applications Filip Miketa (Mi-Plast)
16:00 IA applied for coating resins Jose Ignacio Martinez Sanchez (VLCI)
16:30 Synthesis and characterization of self-healing coatings based on IA Daniël Turkenburg (TNO together with Itaconix)
17:00 Bio-Based Materials Conference: Innovation Award Presentations and Voting  
20:00 Bio-Based Materials Conference: Dinner Buffet and Awarding Ceremony